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hobisaat > New Saga: Starlin > 1 Illegitimate child from nowhere and Embarassed purple hybrid
Story start from where the, whis and Beerus

Comes in the party to meet saiyan god.


WHEN everyone is laughing and enjoying the party, while Beeru a.k.a God of destruction and WHIS eating ice cream. In front of all Z-warriors comes a youth who has an almost similar face as Son-Goku and Goku's hairstyle with Bulma's hair color and says '' hi everyone, can someone tell me who is Bulma and Son-Goku within you all".

Bulma: "Hi, I am Bulma and that idiot over there eating like glutton is Goku, so what do you want from both of us,".

Starlin:" Oh nothing, just wanted to give you the forbidden fruit you both have contributed to produce is ripped and is time to take it or consequence will follow,".

Goku:" Which fruit, where is it? do you have it, is it tasty?"

Starlin: "hahahahaha...You can't eat it or to say you won't be able to eat,".

Goku: "How it is possible that fruit can't be eaten or are you challenging me I am weak that's why I can't eat fruit, then lets fight to know who is weak,".

Vegeta:" hahaha... Kakarot this little human called you weak haha..haha".

Krillin: "Vegeta you need not to laugh as think about it Saiyan prince if Goku is weak then what you are..L.O.S.E.R,".

Vegeta:" How dare you, a little puny human."

Bulma:" Shut up all of you. And you Who created this mess, Who are you? what do you want to say truthfully?"

Starlin:" haaahaahaha.. Ok, ok fine joke time over I am your rival corporate's owner Starlin and illegitimate child of Bulma & Goku and somewhat piccolo too."

The invisible and without sound nuclear bomb exploded within them and really the air in surrounding was started vibrating. All the audience were silent like they were petrified with harry potter magic. This silent session continued till whis and G.O.D suddenly shouted on Bulma.

Beerus:" hey you woman bring the ice cream and other foods to eat or I will destroy the earth.

Bulma:" Shut up you 'purple bastard child of dog and cat'. CAN'T YOU READ THE MOOD HERE, YOU GLUTTONY.

WHIS eyes where wide-open and then he laughs in his own style like nothing in world matters to him.

Whis: "hohohohohohohoho...."

Beerus: " hey whis who is Miss. Cat and Mr. Dog. Are they some higher god?"

Then hearing this sentence every person started laughing like they have inhaled a large amount of laughing gas but Goku was confused but ignored it and continued to eat the food.

While whis was explaining the biology of earth and who was Miss. cat and Mr. dog To G.O.D.

After fully understanding the situation and his own embarrassing sentence meaning while seeing the crowd laughing their ass off.

He became mad god Saiyan angry and said, " I will destroy you, shitters".

And he really kills the kids, krillin, Bulma and Piccolo who was saving videl and Goku who was saving his wife.

Then Vegeta seeing this destruction and massacre shout.

Vegeta: " My Bulmaaaa.... my son Trunksss

you bastard I am gonna kill you."

Beerus: " Once again bastard you weaklings have forgotten to whom you all are talking to yours truly the great God of destruction,".

Whis: " Beerus-sama please calm down and don't forget that you have to meet that saiyan god from your dreams,".

Beerus: " Yeah you are right but I am damn the earth af...BOOOOOOOOOOM.....

While whis was calming down the Beerus our great Saiyan shorty prince a.k.a VEGETA makes the mad-god type entrance by punching with full power and whis knowing this ignore it and let it not seen from his expressions and our purple hybrid a.k.a Beerus-sama gets full knockout style thrown but not even the clothes got dirty leave the bruise and injury in dreams.

Vegeta: " I dont care who and what you are but now pay for what you have done to my family,".

Vegeta: " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...aaaaaaa....".

Gohan was shocked what is going around here and silent hydrogen booms were rangin

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