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The sun rising, the sky was turning from black to blue. A night passed with no trouble. When Heiner walked out of the hut, his meal had been prepared. Eadda smiled widely as a greeting, he seemed to be more energized today. Sitting next to Eadda, Heiner started to eat his food. He wondered if other villagers were as kind as Eadda.

Looking around, the next door could be seen within twenty meters. Eadda's hut was around the edge of the village. From here, Heiner could see the village's fence in the distance. It was weak to the point of unable to defend against a boar. It was defenseless, judging from the fence alone could tell how risking. Hopeless to survive from invading of any monsters, this place needed a lot of preparing.

Goblins were the weakest humanoid monsters. They were short, having the same power to a standard human. Fighting with human, goblins would take advantage of their numbers. It would be trouble enough if there were some hobgoblins in their horde, but a goblin shaman was usually the leader of hobgoblins, the leader of the horde. Every goblin shamans were cunning and cruel. For this small village to be safe, let's hope for non-shaman crowd if a battle was unavoidable.

Fifteen minutes on a walk, Heiner and Eadda reached the village chief's house. Eadda knocked on the door. Creaked, the door open in a few minutes, revealing a woman. She looked good, having long black hair, big eyes, and a beautiful lip, her age was around thirty. 'Don't tell me; she is a village chief?'

"I come to see your grandfather, having an important thing to discuss with him," Eadda stated his reason but chief's granddaughter silenced, staring at Heiner with suspicious eyes. "He is Heiner. I saved him yesterday, and he wants to help us in return. Can we discuss inside?"

"Come in." She hesitated for a few seconds but let them in at the end.

As expected of the village chief's house, it's bigger than Eadda's hut six times. Two rooms on the left and another two rooms on the right, the middle of the house were a living room, and the village chief was sitting there, sipping a tea. Click. Putting a cup down, he, the village chief, was looking at newcomers. Arriving near the village head and having a seat, then conversation shall start.

"Chief, he is Heiner. I saved him yesterday, and he wanted to help us with the monster issue. He said he was a blacksmith and had plenty of equipment for us. It's free. Look, this is what he gave me." Eadda, pointing to his metallic armor, showed them a prove.

The chief and his granddaughter were suspicious once they saw Eadda's new armor. Now they knew the answer, looking at each other with the astonished expression on their face. 'It was an expensive armor, and this young man gave it to Eadda for free?'

"How many equipments do you have?" The chief asked.

"More than enough for your villagers but... Are they united? Equipment is not everything. You do not survive with equipment alone. We MUST

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