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Violent was an uncivilized way to solve problems, but sometimes it was better than reason. If people did not want to listen to anything, even the best idea was useless. Kingdom's law was not sunshine that reached everywhere in its territory, the same for this remote village. There was no law here; people just lived their life, no unity in their thought. How could they protect themselves for monsters in a situation like this? It was hopeless.

Heiner wanted to change it, and then he started. After the chief of this village gathered, a young man, taking down an arrogant one, appeared to be a pillar of this nameless village. The strange feeling showed in villagers' eyes, hope. Their lifeless face brightened once they saw what an outsider could do. It was a brand new in this place.

Regenmaer admitted defeat after getting one hit. He respected outsider's strength, and that made this transforming process smoother. Heiner appointed him as captain of warriors group, fighting in melee combat. Training his men how to fight was his task. His group had to patrol all day and night for securing our safety.

The name of the chief's granddaughter was Beyhild. She was the best hunter in this village, proficiency in using bows. Heiner assigned her as vice commander and a leader of the hunter group. She took responsibility for managing supplies, sending bowman to hunt. As a leader of the hunter group, she had to inexperience one to be a bowman, including all women as Heiner, the commander, wanted all women could protect themselves and children.

The rest was construction, cooking, and hospitalization, Eadda was a leader of this convenient service. In fact, Heiner took the most task in the construction part. He planned to dig around the village with his skill and use the same ability to get stone for the masonry in Eadda's group. The top priority of workmanship was building a base in the center of the village, a stronghold that would shelter who was unable to fight.

It took Heiner half a day to extract enough stone for masonry to work for days, then he decided the location of the front gate and started to dig a canal, five meters in depth and width. Extracting this much uses a lot of stamina, this young commander was tired and took a rest every fifty square meters. Those cubics of dirt he dug were piled at the center of the village to raise the ground high. The young leader stopped working when the sky darkened, the canal progressed about ten percents at the end of the day. It was too slow. No one knew the schedule of monster invading, and this pace was not fast enough. He needed more contribution points on stamina, but sadly, he spent them all to strength last time.

"Hey! Put more strength when you slashed down." Regenmaer pointed at one of his men and spoke loudly. That person was tired as his face paled, same as others. It was a hellish training, exhausting all the energies they had. Looking from afar, Heiner walked to the training ground

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