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[How can you call it old man's voice? It's called the majestic voice!]

"Okay, think whatever you like. I am busy cooking my food." Heiner heard the system snorted, but he did not care. He did not know what the system got from upgrading, but for the voice like this, you should categorize the system as a male. The system should be called 'him' from now on.

The delicious smell flew through the air touching the noses of people who were deeper in the tunnel. They finished their work and were on the way back home. As it was a one-way tunnel, they were walking to where Heiner was cooking and steps faster each time they smelled grilled meat. Their stomach roared as they were hungry for days. Their team miscalculated and had not brought enough food. At this moment, they could do nothing but swallowing silva and keep walking. They discussed buying food from the one who was cooking something that caused this delicious smell.

Three guys revealed themselves from the darkness. One was small but looked strong by muscles. He looked like a dwarf, but he was just a middle age human. Next to him was a thin and tall man. He was around 50 years old as his hair was white more than black. The last one was the biggest guy. He was bald but full of bread. They wore the same uniform with the maces-crossing symbol on their right chest. The clothes were dirty as they work here for a long time.

"What?! This kid was the one who cooks this?" the obese guy astonished. He curled his lip. his face looked stupid when he smiled like that. He brought a metal mace out of his spatial ring and pointed it to Heiner."If you do not want to die, give me your food and belonging. Then leave!"

"What? Are you trying to rob me in broad daylight? No, that's not it. I don't know it's day or night at the moment. If you ask gently, I'd like to share my food, but you are asking for blood. Sighed..." Heiner shook his head.

"Only you? Don't make laugh. Hahaha." The fatty laughed crazily. They were all level 7, even Hiner was also level 7. Although they could not see the level, just a thin young man was no threat to them.

"Timo, stop laughing and get him. I am hungry." The short guy could not help but said out loud. The Timo's laughing was enough to hurt his eardrums. Then he had to stop it and remind him of their business.

"Okay, Otto. I am going." Timo smirked while he was approaching Heiner slowly.

"No, no! Do not come near me!" The young man look startled as the fatty was walking to him.

"So, what you are afraid now? Where is the arrogant tone you spoke before? Hmm?"



The stupid fatty had fallen to the bottom of feces hole. Typically, it did not risk to stand on its cover, but Timon's weight was too much for it to withstand. The young man tried to stop him, but he misunderstood.

"Timo!!" The other guys cried out with panic.

"I'll beat you to a pulp!" Otto brought a war hammer out of his spatial ring, rushed forward and jumped over the hole, slamming the hammer to Heiner's head.

'Extract iron!' Heiner tried out his theory, 'if this skill can extract materials from the rocks, then it can extract materials from the weapon too.'

The huge difference between extracting materials from the rocks and the weapon is information. The could detect raw materials, and once Heiner knew what it is, then extracting it was an easy task. But the weapon was the end-product and the level of was too low to tell what it made of. Then he had to guess.



"I was right!" The mace was lighter all instantly while the ball of iron appeared in Heiner's hand. It was the iron he extracted from that weapon. It was much weaker than before as the primary crafting material was removed from that mace. It broke once hitting on the shield.

Otto was shocked. He had never thought his weapon that worth 100 gold coins would break easily. His foot almost landed but Heiner's kick was faster. The short man s

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