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[Also, you can use it to upgrade the system to unlock the higher-grade functions. Do you want to upgrade the system now?]

"No, thanks. I am good." Heiner shrugged. He satisfied what he had now. As long as he was happy, nothing necessary, plus he just made a considerable improvement in crafting. Nothing else was outstanding in his pure mind that lacked ambition. Yes, he wanted to slay all evils, but he thought the current system and skills were enough.

[Nooooo!! You have to upgrade! For the sake of your brighter future, you absolutely need to upgrade the system!]

"Wait! What did you say earlier? I have to pay a reputation point for upgrading my skills and buying a new one from now on? Didn't I am a chosen one who will inherit the power of that smithing god? Then why I have to pay?"

[What you have gotten earlier was a free trial. If you like this system, you must pay for a license!]

"What the f*ck! I am really pissed! You, the scam system, I think you were the agent of god but ended up being a greedy salesman!"

"Oh! That's hurt. How can I, the handsome and mighty smithing go...the Blacksmith God System be a greedy salesman? Ahhh...forget it. I will grant one more free skill this time if you use that reputation point to upgrade the system. It's limited promotion...No. It's gracious of the smithing god. What do you think?]

'What the hell happens to this robotic system? Why it has emotional all of a sudden?' Heiner evilly smirked. 'It seems the system need reputation point badly. Then, I should take advantage of it.'

"Let me get a new skill first." smiled Heiner.

[What the...I will not scam you. Just be a good kid and hand me your reputation point Then it's done.]

"Not scam my a*s! You pop out from nowhere and offer me the power of that smithing god. I think it is free forever but it is a business in the end. Moreover, it's not a give-and-take business. You give me once and take and take and take for unknown how many times in the future. The title as descendent of the smithing god is just daydreaming. In fact, I am a victim of your direct sales!"

'F*ck! How can this stupid kid have high intelligence all of a sudden?' The system was angry but it tried to calm down as reputation point was significant to it. 'Just give him a low-grade skill might enough.'

[Okay, I will give you one skill in advance.]

[Ding! You have acquired skill.]

[Now, give me your reputation point.]

"What does the skill can do?"

[The skill can combine the same level of materials into a higher one. For example, you can compress two into . The size of materials is equal to an average of them, but the weight is the same as two of them combined. For the same object, the can compress, and the can compress two times. In other words, the level of skill is the maximum number you can try on the same object. Now, give me your reputation point as you promise.]

"Who promised to give you my reputation point today? I only

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