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"What's wrong with my face?" Raphael asked as Heiner stared at him. In fact, he should not ask this question because no one could see his face under the helmet. His eyes were looking at Heiner who just woke from the train of thought.

"Ah! Sorry...I was thinking of something." Heiner said the truth but it was not the answer on the topic. Raphael might not trust Heiner but Raphael himself was untrustable in Heiner's eyes.

"You will take him to the mining area and wait until he finishing collecting materials," Malte ordered.

"Do I need to wait that long? I have unfinished work here." Raphael seemed unsatisfied with the order. It astonished Malte as he had never disobedient before. This was his first time to be like this. What was his reason? disliked Heiner? disliked going outside? disliked wasting the time? Why did he be like this all of sudden?

"You can leave it to others. This task is important and I entrust it to you." Everything was quiet. The three pair of eyes were looking at Raphael who was standing silently. He was thinking and took around two minutes to agree with the order. He nodded as the answer.


"At the moment you are ready." Heiner answered immediately.

"Come with me." Raphael turned back and walk out of the room.

"Thank you. Malte. I am going."

"Have a good trip. I hope you can find what you want. With Raphael with you, I can be at ease."

"I will work hard to pay your debt."

"No. I..." Malte was trying to say that he did not need it but Heiner already left. The expression of Rolf seemed better when he heard Heiner said that he would pay the debt back. So, the gold coins could be back to the company. But he disliked what his brother was trying to say at the end, 'what a stupid brother.'

Raphael was walking without saying anything. He did not care if Heiner was following him or not. He just walked to the destination.

"How long it took to the mining area?" Heiner was asking from behind.

"Three hours."

"Are there any danger?"


Raphael seemed to have no mood talking with him but that was he expected. This one who covered the whole body with armor was suspicious. He might be hiding something but Heiner had no idea what was it. They walked through many trees for two hours. Heiner had never known this was the right direction or not but he had to follow and try to remember it for the next time he came by himself. Suddenly, he found something was off.

"Look! That's a giant boar!"

Heiner was surprised with the size of that boar. To tell the truth, he was afraid. The boar was three meters tall, it could classify as a monster instead of a wild animal. Raphael's expression was cold, he did not fear but did nothing. The boar saw Heiner as an enemy and rushed to him while Raphael just looked at it without worried.

'Could it be, he lured me to get killed by this monster? Damn it!' Heiner bit his lip and drew a sword. He had to rely on himself. "Come!"


The shield successful defended against the tusk but he was sent flying with that powerful charge. The strength was far different but this gap can be solved. Heiner put 10 points to strength and tried to defend the second charge.


He can stop it this time! This boar was level 7, two levels higher than Heiner's but that was not the case. It was just raw strength. How could it fight over a human with equipment? Heiner tried to chop but it used the tusk to reflex it. He was too slow, then he put another 5 points to agility. The boar was astonished by the second wave of attack which faster than before. One of its front legs was chopped. The boar scream out loud. It tried to flee but Heiner's was fast enough to injure another leg. It fell and Heiner did not miss this chance to launch his finishing blow. Then everything was quiet.

Raphael was looking at Heiner who was keeping the boar's corpse to his spatial bracelet. In fact, he was observed Heiner the whole ti

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