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It said that the Bresson Kingdom was the weakest in the world. About forty percents of terrains were mountains where minerals and crafting materials resided. The other kingdoms might aim for resources, but they agree to move on diplomacy instead of war. It's quite strange that stronger nations did not take resources by force. Why not took advantage when they had a chance?

The answer might be in dead general's diary, but Heiner refused to know. Sometimes, ignorance was bliss. If it could increase his survival rate, he would read it through the end, but it was more likely to increase his death rate.




[What are you doing?]

"A hook." Heiner though that Hephaestus was asking about a piece of metal he was hammering. The system already knew what he was making, but Hephaestus mentioned the purpose of it.

[Are you going to throw it through the hole above? No way! That hole was higher than you for twenty times. With your current strength, it was nearly impossible to use this method for escaping.]

"I have to try the safest way first. It was too reckless to fight those guards head-on, and I would do it only I have no choice."

[Didn't you already become reckless? Those guards were stronger than you, but you risk your life just for collecting free resources.]

"Did you get upgraded because of that part of me? You must enter the tiger's den to catch his cubs. If I don't get here, how can I ley my hand on these free resources? How can I craft better equipment? How can I get a reputation point for you? Only our kingdom provide civilian free mining areas. If I don't come to get this important stuff, then I will be a fool." Heiner still busily hammered but he paused before saying the next sentence. "But I don't expect it to be this complicated."

[It's not cubs you will get this time but a grave. The actual cemetery already existed here, and you also dig a feces hole for yourself.]

"That pit was just for shiting. You, the shitless moron, cannot even shit then do not provide any suggestion in this topic. It makes you look like more an idiot. And this is a serious matter, stop joking around if you don't have anything better to say."


I seemed Hephaestus had annoyed a young blacksmith who prioritized the way of smithing. It was not greedy but a duty. He put his life on the line to fulfill his role. This way was characteristic of a hero who shouldered the world. His great achievements would shake the entire continent. But the future was such a dilemma, 'The glory or his death would come first?'

"Okay, I finished it." Heiner got a rope out of his storage bracelet. Thanked his father who left him with this spatial bracelet, there were a lot of useful things inside. He tied the rope to the hook tightly and then threw it with all his might.



The hook flew up for a moment then dropped to the ground. Heiner put ten contribution points to strength, and now his streng

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