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hobisaat > Blacksmith God System > 5 Who The Hell is He?
Magic crystal was like a bush. It grows from the dirt where the magical aura nourished. Normally, a magic crystal could be found where monsters living but humans were a greedy creature. They captured monsters to make their own magic crystal farm. The strong monster would have a strong magical aura. The magic crystal would absorb the aura and upgrade to a higher grade. The red magic crystal was the highest grade because it could be found only in the nest of the strongest magical creature -- dragon!

There were two types of monsters; beast and humanoid. The beast monsters had a magical aura while the humanoid monsters had intelligence. The group of monsters who destroyed Heiner's village was the humanoid monster. He did not know their motive and do not think the city lord would send people to investigate that nameless village. That's why this task was waiting for him. He needed to himself to the point that he could handle the horde of monsters alone.

And the problem is...how?

How could a young boy who was unable to protect himself become that hero? He had no idea but he remembered his father's word of wisdom, 'one step each time.' These words calmed his mind, he respects his father and his work. In the view of other people, Blacksmiths were the occupation of a low life creature. Nobles arrange them as the same class as dogs. No...that's not it. Some nobles loved dogs, thus blacksmith was lower than dogs. What a rotten society!

Were blacksmiths angry with that? YES! They are but they did not have any power to speak for themselves. They were not respected, their family was not respected. Although their work could change the world, they were still the same...lower than dogs. ฺBut Heiner did not care anything. He only knew that his father was the best man then blacksmith would be second to none. He wondered this was the reason and requirement for inheriting blacksmith god's will, and acknowledged by the system.

In Heiner's view, the first step was leveling himself. His blacksmith skill also increased in the process But materials were limited and would run out soon. He had to prepare suitably equipment for his survival outside the city. He had no money. Selling his items to the system did not get much. He had to eat and he ate more when he worked harder. Food cost him the most and no way he could keep buying food and materials at the same time. Food came first because the materials came from skills. The only problem was...risk. Outside the city was full of danger, human and monster were dangerous. To achieve his goal, he had to play safe.

Heiner did not know any spell but all he needed what some life-saving white magical crystals. He went to the magic accessory shop which unfriendly to poor people. He knew the reality of this world, this rotten world but he could not change anything with the current him. He had to be patient and did as his father said 'one step each time.'

He walked to W-1 shelf as the old mage said. There were a lot of white magic crystals here. Each one had a short description and how much it cost. By skimming all entire this shelf, three of them caught his eyes; a white magic crystal with spell and two with spell. The spell could restore stamina, this magic crystal cost him 45 silver coins. The spell could heal some injuries, the two magic crystals had different size and also price. The bigger one cost 87 silver coins and the smaller one cost 73 silver coins. If he wanted to buy all three, it would cost him totally 205 silver coins or 2 gold coins and 5 silver coins.

Two gold coins were a lot for him. Precisely, he had never bought anything more than 10 silver coins. Although Malte lent him 5 gold coins, it was a hard time to spend 2 gold coins at once. He turned his head to that old mage direction. By seeing the old man's expression, he decided, 'negotiate with him should not work, I might get kick out instead.' He got those three crystals and paid without saying anything then

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