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Inside Xiao Feng room.

Thinking how long he had been trapped inside the trial, Xiao Feng asked, "Yue'er, how long I had been trapped?"

" It had been seven years since then. Oh right, your status as heir had been revoked three years ago after all elder Xiao Clan know what happened to you and give it to your little brother." Ye Qiuyue tells him.

Xiao Feng raised his eyebrow hearing that. He hadn't expected he trapped in the trial to be seven years, he just think one or two years instead. " Xiao Clan's Heir position?, I didn't care at all. Just let little brother has it." Xiao Feng stated.

Ye Qiuyue baffled by Xiao Feng statement. Usually young masters of big sect or clan always fought for heir position to inherit their clan or sect. Ye Qiuyue curiously asked, " Then what you cared about? "

Xiao Feng put serious expression in his face while facing her and said with absolute answer, " You... and our family of course." smiled after answering her curiousty.

Ye Qiuyue blushed and hugged Xiao Feng again, and said while reminiscing about what they experienced inside illusionary ten thousands samsara trial, then she said as matter fact, "Your answer always same no matter you're in."

Xiao Feng smiled then hugged her too before going sleep on the same bed after clean it. They always done sleeping together inside 'that' illusionary world anyway so they felt its alright to sleep together though they forgot that had yet married in this real life.

In the next morning, Xiao Feng room.

Yun Huang Mei always visited Xiao Feng and Ye Qiuyue every day in the morning. Yun Huang Mei opened the Xiao Feng door without knocking because she knew Ye Qiuyue always practiced in the morning and she also got used for what Yun Huang Mei did.

She then noticed that Ye Qiuyue didn't do her daily practice, she though Ye Qiuyue sleeping then opened the door slowly without sound. She wanted to look at Xiao Feng everyday in hope there was miracle that he will woke up but what she found was the sleeping Xiao Feng instead cross legged position Xiao Feng that made her stunned.

She became truly happy until her tears falls from her beautiful face. She moved closer then she noticed someone on Xiao Feng embrace. Ye Qiuyue who was she though gone actually in her son embraces.

Yun Huang Mei then at them carefully. She found the robes that her son and Ye Qiuyue already messed also the bed also look terrible. Her face darkened though Xiao Feng the moment he woke up already done 'night activity' with Ye Qiuyue even though they still fourteen years old yet reached adulthood.

She suddenly smiled but not smile then raised her hand slowly to smack the sleeping Xiao Feng to wake up the immoral young man.

Before Yun Huang Mei smack landed at Xiao Feng head. Xiao Feng dodged to the bed side while hugging Ye Qiuyue in his arm. Actually the moment his mother come inside the room, Xiao Feng already awake because someone tried to sneak inside his room then he pretend to sleep to catch surprise the culprit. But who know after he dodged the attack Xiao Feng surprised the culprit turned out to be his mother.

Xiao Feng wanted to ask his mother what she was doing but his mother asked first, " How is your 'first night' with Qiuyue?"

Ye Qiuyue who was in Xiao Feng embraces woke up after Xiao Feng sudden movement. She looked around and spotted her soon mother-in-law with smile but not smile. She somehow found it terrifying. She stood up from Xiao Feng embraces and gave her greetings " Good morning Aunt ."

Yun Huang Mei just nodded at her before looking at Xiao Feng again.

Xiao Feng still oblivious about his mother though then answered innocently, "It's good."

Yun Huang Mei forehead pop out but she still smile, " It's good eh?" then she gazed at Ye Qiuyue " Little Qiuyue from today onward call me mother but before that I must teach this immoral brat a lesson ! " then launched an attack of Void Fragmentation with her attac

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