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hobisaat > Celestial God Reincarnation > 24 Xiao Clan Junior Tournament Introduction
Xiao Feng and the rest walking around the clan sightseeing. Xiao Feng checked the clan if there were change. Xiao Feng confirmed within this seven years there were no change within clan except the heir position.

All clansmen widened their eyes in disbelief. That's because rumored First Young master would never open his eyes again but now after seven years, he walking around as if nothing happened. Xiao Feng group full of extremely beautiful young lady and handsome young man. They will regarded as an adult after reached fifteen years. At that time, they will surely become Extremely beautiful young lady and handsome young man that become center attention whenever they go !

Xiao Feng who was beside Ye Qiuyue asked with low voice, " Yue'er, what is the fruit called reincarnation fruit? ", he has no idea about the fruit name so he asked.

Ye Qiuyue who has indifferent expression until now smiled after Xiao Feng asked her, " That was the fruit that deduction by Headmaster Chao as the cause your state within seven years."

Xiao Feng nodded then he looking at Ye Qiuyue hand before holding it. Ye Qiuyue face blushed after her hand holded by Xiao Feng then she move closer to him until only little space between them.

The young man and lady on the side become envy because how good looking Xiao Feng and Ye Qiuyue. They even holding hand together in public that make them die in jealous because majority of the young clansmen that already reached adulthood still single. Thanks to Xiao Clan ancestral teaching that make them only one wife or husband.

They comeback to Xiao Feng's courtyard after walking around.

Xiao Wuchen who was received the news rushed from his study room to Xiao Feng courtyard.

" Feng'er you wake up !" grinned Xiao Wuchen to Xiao Feng. Then he noticed Xiao Feng currently still holding Ye Qiuyue hand.

His grinned became wider and suggested, " You two... You just wake up yet you already this close to your fiancee. What about after reaching adulthood, you can hold marriage with your fiancee ?" said with joking manner.

Ye Qiuyue face blushed again then pondering for a while then she looked at Xiao Feng to decided their decision regarding this. Xiao Feng who was stared by her, grinned and nodded, "Alright." shamelessly agreed to his father suggestion.

Xiao Wuchen dumbfounded before grinned again but he give him requirement, " Alright if you that impatient but you must become champion in Xiao Clan Junior Tournament. If you do, I don't mind support you in this matter and I think your mother will also agreed as well."

Xiao Feng nodded and Ye Qiuyue face become redder before nodded as well.

" Alright its decided. I will tell you about Xiao Clan Junior Tournament." Xiao Wuchen took deep breath began explained to him because only Xiao Feng who didn't knew about this, " Xiao Clan Junior Tournament held every ten years. In this ten years, anyone within clan with age no more than twenty years old can participate. There are no cultivation limitation. The Champion of the tournament will got ten high grade spiritual stone, armament one level higher than their cultivation, storage ring with twenty diameters cubic and one months pass to library third floor. The second and third has same prize that is five high grade spiritual stone, armament at their level and storage ring five meters cubic."

It must be known that one High Grade Spirual Stone comparable to a hundred Mid grade one. Mid Grade Siritual Stone comparable to a hundred Low Grade Spiritual stone and Low grade spiritual stone comparable to thousand gold in mortal currency. One gold was enough for normal household of normal family to life without work for one year without worry.

Xiao Feng nodded his head. He heard the prized but he didn't care because he already wealthy.

Xiao Wuchen continued , "this tournament will be held in one year. Which mean it when you two reached adulthood." then he patted Xiao Feng shoulder and sai

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