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They have arrived at spiritual gathering array placed. Xiao Feng looked at the array then shook his head inwardly and commenting in his mind, "What a lousy array. It even didn't reach rank four !".

Xiao Feng walked straight to the array and ask permission to Ye Yanmei, "Mother-in-law, can I improve that array?"

"Are you confident in it?" Ye Yanmei questioned.

Xiao Feng nodded but Grand Elder interrupted, "Sect Master ! this is the highest spiritual gathering array in the sect. If he broke it, who will repair it?"

Ye Yanmei glanced at her and while saying, "No need to be fret, he is my son in law so I will responsible into this. I confident in him if he said so.", its all because Ye Yanmei already watched his many unique events around him.

"But..." Grand Elder Yu Yan grunted before her sentences cut off by Ye Yanmei, "No buts. Did you begin against my command?" Ye Yanmei looked at her coldly that make the Grand Elder shiver because of her cultivation still higher than this grand elder.

Grand Elder Yu Yan then keeps silent then glared at Xiao Feng and blamed him for this. Ye Qiuyue and the other just looked at Xiao Feng silently while he moves closer to the array.

Xiao Feng walked to the array before change the arrangement. He needed one hour before he completed his improvement on the spiritual gathering array. The array from rank three shot up to rank six because the ingredients before improvement truly overkill for rank three array. He just optimized it to the proper place. Right now, the spiritual qi thickness reached three times than outside the array. Out of habit from his previous life, he planted his spiritual qi without them knowing. His habit developed to prevent someone used his creation to fight him, so he planted it with his own spiritual qi as mark and bomb at the same time.

Ye Yanmei then noticed the thickness spiritual qi in the air become thicker than before. She raised her eyes brow and praised him, "As expected of my son-in-law, he he he" She giggled afterward.

Ye Qiuyue already expected this to happen after all she had absolute trust on Xiao Feng doing. Xiao Mei eyes shone brightly and decided to made his big brother teach her while Elder Yao nodded his head about his action while muttering, "That's right, if you want to convince people, you must show your true capability."

Grand Elder Yu Yan shocked and her face becomes hot from shame. She looked at Ye Yanmei while apologizing, "Sect Leader truly wise on judging people, this lowly disciple knows her wrong." before she walked away from this place.

"Grand Elder Yu, tell the other who still doubt little Feng capability what you have witnessed, so they can shut their mouth on my son-in-law." Ye Yanmei stopped her and commanded.

"Yes." Grand Elder Yu Yan continued her walk.

"Alright everything is done, we can visit peacefully from now on." Xiao Feng exclaimed.

Ye Qiuyue nodded her head. Then Xiao Feng decided to join the group

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