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Xiao Tian then dashed to arena stage number sixteen. Xiao Feng asking around and found out that in all arena there were Foundation Stage each from first to sixteen.

Xiao Feng began wonder if this truly intentional. From all participant, the one passed the battle royal match all of them have background in family.

Several Foundation Stage which was just from normal branch kicked out in defeat. Either it in easier way or hard way.

"Big brother, what is it?" Xiao Mei asked because she saw Xiao Feng just silent and pondering something.

"nothing" Xiao Feng smiled then patted her head.

Xiao Mei pouted then said, "Big brother, you always act mysterious ever since Talent Test."

Xiao Feng just laughed. He turned his attention to the arena where Xiao Tian reside.

Elder Yao scanned the participants then he said imbued with spiritual qi so his sound become loud, "Begin !".

Xiao Tian the dashed to center arena while he gathered his spiritual qi into spear tip and strengthen his hand then summoned flame on the spear tip.

All the participant in the stage sixteen noticed and wanted to dodge but because their cultivation lower then Xiao Tian, they failed to do so.

Xiao Tian reached the center stage then whipped his spear to all his opponent in one swing. The great swing coupled with flame whipped all his opponent out the stage because their cultivation base lower than by much.

Xiao Mei watched this dumbfounded and asked, "Can we really done just like that?"

"Of course, you don't paying attention the rules before?" answered Xiao Feng.

Xiao Mei just embrashed and avoided eye contact with Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng saw Xiao Tian coming to them, "how is it?" Xiao Tian asked Xiao Feng. After all Xiao Feng was someone who experienced reincarnation because fruit reincarnation. So of course Xiao Tian would ask him that was Xiao Tian though.

Xiao Feng just nodded, "hm, thats good."

Xiao Tian then smiled and sit cross-legged beside them.

Elder Yao flying to Xiao Wuchen place, asked several thing before comedown. He comeback down and levitated on the center of four arena then announced, "Because The battle royale faster then expected. We will start round robin battle this afternoon. Use this two hours to recover and we will compensate you with rank two recovery pill for faster recovery."

All participants in top sixteen rejoiced. As for Xiao Feng, he will save it for future use because his body and qi already recovered. In previous battle he didn't use too much qi and stamina then coupled with his special body constitution, he already recovered fully.

Two hours passed.

All participants except top sixteen already left the arena venue. The top sixteen had been tried to recover their qi and stamina as fast as they could only Xiao Feng just trying to increase his Supreme Intent to Half level but still futile. Xiao Feng sighed then looked at his side.

Xiao Mei still on her back sleep to recover, because the last battle she mainly used her physic for battle with enhancement on her body.

Elder Yao who was the referee fly to the center of four arena and said, "To the sixteen participants that has passed battle royale match, come below me to take lottery for the next match."

All participants then run to below Elder Yao levitating before he descending. He took out lottery stick from his storage ring with the number covered by his hand.

All participants took the stick in turn. Xiao Feng got number one, Xiao Mei got number five and Xiao Tian got number seven but unluckily he got paired with Xiao Fan who has Foundation stage level six. Between level in Qi Gathering stage and Foundation stage in qi also in body cultivation too still not visible in strength only in qi stored that very different, after they breakthrough to Golden Core or Lord Stage each level become noticeable.

That was the reason Xiao Clan didn't differentiate them. Only they will unlucky for Qi Gathering or

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