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hobisaat > Celestial God Reincarnation > 11 Shocking The Clan With His Talen
From all registered child for test, only Xiao Feng who has yet tested his talent.

In the entire hall loosened their tenses, four acknowledged prodigy already tested their talent. The result truly shocking, Xiao Clan got three silver talent and all of them have elements talent not only that they also got Gold ranked talent !

In the entire continent the one who have Gold ranked talent that have yet ascend only thirty peoples if they included Xiao Tian within. As for White ranked talent all of them already ascended to Immortal Realm. Only Colorless talent that regarded as legends, because in the last ten thousands years only two people who has this talent, two of them become legend that passed through history.

The first one was the founder of Holy Sage Academy, he was the strongest expert and fastest in ranked up his cultivation with record from Mortal to Void Fragmentation was only five hundred years then he created Holy Sage Academy for teaching at that time until now, now Holy Sage Academy regarded as Holy place for cultivation and no one dared to offend them. The second one was Ancestor of Shen Clan, He was also strongest expert and leading figure in his generations, he reached Void Fragmentation only at age eight hundred years.

Xiao Feng looked at Elders of Xiao Clan who was still chatting among themselves and disregard him. He raised his eyes brow and didn't said anything.

Xiao Mei who was still standing in front of him, looked at his big brother with worried eyes after scanning her surrounding. She know that her big brother has been disregarded by the elders except Xiao Wuchen and Yun Huang Mei also seven Grand Elders who was still waiting his result.

Xiao Mei then cheer up her big brother " Big brother, fight ! "

Xiao Feng who heard her strange cheer questioned her and titled his head asked, " fight whom?"

Xiao Mei who was caught off guard pondering little to cover her strange language and said " I mean fight your nervous and good luck !" then she running away to Elder Chu side without waiting her big brother responds.

Xiao Feng know that she was reincarnator so he just nodded his head after her explanation. To those elders and her parents hearing this, they just think Xiao Mei very creative person and didn't think too much about that. They can hear her because the higher someone cultivations, the higher their senses so they can hear or looking from afar without problems.

Xiao Feng looked at Elder Jun and said " Elder I will begin "

Elder Jun nodded his head. His parents and seven Grand Elder looked at Xiao Feng actions with expectations.

Xiao Feng placed his hand on colorless crystal, the crystal shone brilliantly. Its color changed from Black to Silver with fast speed after several second the crystal shone milky white radiance . The Inner elder who dazzled by the light, their eyes widened disbelief from what they saw, his parents and seven grand elder also not exception.

Xiao Feng then

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