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That conversation happened in mere five second between him and old man.

All spectator come back to their sense before shouted in amazement. The most miraculous event was not Xiao Tian overcome his Thunder tribulation trial but Xiao Feng fend off the strongest thunder attack that suddenly stuck him instead Xiao Tian. Not only that, Xiao Feng even got sudden rise in cultivation but all of them still didn't aware of this.

"Clan Leader, congratulation for both young master today achievement !" Elders Xiao Clan congratulated Xiao Wuchen.

Xiao Wuchen laughed in pride. Yun Huang Mei , Xiao Mei and Ye Qiuyue smiled in relieve. Ye Yanmei still amazed by Xiao Feng great luck.

"Fortunately, fortunately he is still alright." Ye Qiuyue still erasing her tears on her face.

Ye Yanmei then looked at her daughter who was relieved. She recalled her despair the moment Xiao Feng stuck by the last thunder strike. She feel sad for her then she looked at Xiao Wuchen direction and proposed, "Wuchen, what about we marry them in this month regardless the outcome of today match?"

Xiao Wuchen still happily received the congratulation from Xiao Clan Elders, heard Ye Yanmei proposal then looked at her, "Alright, regardless the outcome we will marry them regardless this month and..." before he continued, one of the elder called him out, "Clan leader, look at First Young Master cultivation !"

All spectator who heard the elder exclamation, looked at Xiao Feng and released their spiritual awareness to check Xiao Feng cultivation level. All of them astounded by sudden rise Xiao Feng cultivation that left their mouth agape.

Xiao Tian also check his big brother cultivation stage, he widened his eyes about this unfairness. "Big brother, you...you... reached level nine just by stuck by last thunder.., this is unfair ! I have been work hard in seven years to reach that level !", blurted out and aggrieved by this unfairness.

Xiao Feng looked at his own cultivation stage. He feel bad for his little brother effort in seven years to reach this stage yet reached it because the last gift of that old man.

Xiao Feng just replied him with bitter smile. Xiao Mei looked at her own big brother with sparkling eyes and thought, "Is this novel world? and my big brother was Male Lead and Big sis Ye Qiuyue was the Female lead? but what stories was this?" because this coincidence truly befitting like that and now she tried recall in her memories but didn't found anything fit.

Xiao Feng's parents together with Ye Qiuyue, Ye Yanmei and Xiao Elders descended to the arena. Because the sudden breakthrough Xiao Tian the tournament halted. Xiao Wuchen decided to talk with his sons about discussing the result.

Xiao Wuchen then come closer to brothers who was stood side by side. Then Xiao Wuchen erected spiritual barrier so the sound doesn't leak outside and said to them, "About the winner of the tournament, who do you think befitting the winner?"

Xiao Tian s

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