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"So like I was saying, those watermelons would be big enough for a pillow! Can you imagine it? Watermelons pillow!" said Gome excitedly while waving his arms in the air "They are justice! Truth of the truths! They are goddesses!"

Blinking my eyes, I just nod at whatever he said while thinking why this guy has to disturb my night with a mature 18+ topic.

Waiting for me get a shower first, this dude had been laying in my bed like it's his own room… He even bring a porn magazine while waiting for me!

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After I was done with shower and get dressed, he suddenly ranting about boobies and figures. Even giving out info to me how big each cups of the female members In the guild... Not like I can refuse that information so I accept it gladly!

"Anyways, this is just between us guys okay!? No one should know that I made a list of how big each female member's melons are and how much I wanna…. Huehuehue." Said Gome while pouring out more drool from his mouth.

Nodding again, all I can do is raised my thumb to him and say "I understand!" this is what they call creating bond through same interest!

Seeking through his pocket, Gome takes out few figurines and all those figurines is so familiar with me. In fact, I just saw their live version before going through my room.

"This is Goldie, Blow, Shin, and Yumi figurines. I made them with all the cares and times I had in the world. Making them so realistic." While saying that, he raised Shin figurine to me. Grabbing the figurine skirt with his fingers, he raised the skirt up and a white panty with blue dots as the design can be seen from the figurine panty. Making out a perverted smile, Gome mumbled "Shin panties!"

"Oohhh." amazed by how well the figurines was made, I look to the rest of the figurines and gulped my saliva as there are one thought that I can't get it out if my head the moment it appeared "Oy… Gome bro, does all this figurines panties.. Is same with what the real ones wear?"

Smiling warmly at me, Gome raised his thumb to my direction as I raised mine too. You are the best! Gome bro!

Playing with the figurines Gome brought, a sudden voice behind us interrupted us on whatever we did.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Sol as she tilted her head slightly to the side "I saw the guest room lamp still on, so I check it out. And here I am, found two guys, both male, giggling by themselves out of nowhere."

Stunned from Sol sudden appearance, Sol step forward quick enough for me to respond and taking off the two figurines in my hands "Oh? Isn't this Yumi and Goldie? U guys have a nice toys here, they look so realistic." Said Sol while playing around with the two figurines. Even poking Goldie figurine chest while mumbling "umu… soft…"

Seeing that Sol didn't mind us and even playing together, the three of us make a *huehuehue* laugh while playing toge

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