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"Long, long time ago, the God of dices and chances had said 'let there be chaos'. After that, the world is existed and so does the people."

Blinking my eyes twice or thrice, i raise my hand to rub my glabella. And ask to Zu'er in confused tone "err… so there's a real God in this world?"

I look up to the right and saw the destruction that the dragon caused by decimated few skyscrapers building. Ashes in the air and blacked ground filled the area with more and more of fires, burning fiercely in there.

"Yes! Big brother smart!" said Zu'er as she raises her hand and cover her mouth from the giggling she made. She pointed her index finger to the burned place again and say "Now look at those again."

When I turn my head to where the area again and dropped my jaw as low as it can be. The fires and ashes all gone and now, new looking buildings that give out impression of not even scratches on them appeared. Denying me of those what I call logic.


Rubbing my eyes for a dozen times, the scenery my eyes give me is still same. New looking buildings, no destruction, no ashes, and less brain cells I got.

"B-but… how?" I shouted in surprise as my finger pointing to where the buildings is and turn my head to Zu'er, whom now have her body become transparent each seconds pass by.

"Ohh.. My time is done now, big brother. Remember, let go off what your imagination can hold and let it loose. You will need it in this place." She said as her body become transparent to the point she's gone right before my eyes.

Blinking like an idiot, a sudden rush of mild headache assault me as I take in what just happened. Why you say those words in the end... It's like you are one of those guide character that teach the MC how to use magic or something…

And then, as if a bulb rising above my head, I suddenly thought the most important thing I should have noticed, as I'm a full fledged otaku.

Am I…. The main character? Come to save this world from certain destruction or the evil God? That…. Make everything so much sense!

...…AS IF!

There's no way I can become a hero with my pathetic stature! I'm definitely not a hero material!

Sighing again, I recall of what Zu'er said. The Randomland is not only a place for the town, it's the name of the world, the name of every countries, and every cities.

….Either the God sure lack creativity in name or just the people sucks at it.

And then, a real great idea this time come to me. Zu'er said anything or everything can happen by any chances In this place, and everyone who live here had been used to the most random stuff that can happen in their daily life…

Basically… What if… I find a really cute girl in street and claiming to be her boyfriend, even though I wasn't. Sure I'll just be thought as a weirdo by her. But everyone in here is weirdos! So of course she won't notice the whole chunk of missing big logic in my claim and maybe will say yes!

Awesome idea! Cheers for me! Now my dreams of holding hands with cute girl and kissing her would come true! This place is the best!

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Looking around in street, I walk and walk for a while to search my pre- *Cough**Cough* my future girlfriend!

And there she's!

On the sidewalk, a girl with a black hair and twintails hairstyle in it is walking, while reading a small book in her hand. She smiled gently and even chuckle a bit when she read the small book in her hand, as if everything around her was ignored just to focusing in her small book.

Cute smile! Gentle looking impression! Loving a book! Perfect!

Coming up in front of her, I wave my hand and pretend to be as natural as possible "Hey~ it's been a while, my girlfriend~"

Sweating cold sweats in my back as I hope this is really not a dumb idea and I'm not that idiot, I wait for her reply as she stunned from my sudden appearanc

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