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Explosion erupted from the buildings around us me and Shez running away from it. Drawing out his katana, Shez slash it to a big fireball that's coming to us from the sky.


The fireball cleaved into two as both of them bursted in our left and right side. My mouth gaping open wide as I watch the spectacle before me, and the culprit of my awe just sheathed his sword calmly as if nothing happened.

"Hm? Why you froze like that? Let's keep going." Said Shez while tilting his head to the side a little. Nodding, I'm back to running again with him. Can't hold my curiosity, I ask "You can cut element? Elements supposed to not be able to be cut you know. But you cut it like its tofu. Even your speed is extraordinary."

"I-" before he can finish his sentence again, he's interrupted by screech above us. Raising our heads, we see a hundred flying beasts as big as a bear but with body of lions and head of crocodile. The beasts scales glimmer in green color from the reflection of sunlight.

Raising his hand in front of me to block me, Shez then stepped forward while I froze in place, obediently doing what he meant to not disturb him. Drawing out his katana to eyes height, Shez take a stance with both two legs spread in 50cm distance and say "Divine Sword Arts: Third chapter – Thousands slash of doom."


Breaking the sounds barrier from his move alone, Shez suddenly gone while the ground where he stand a moment ago erupted and caved in. And in blink of an eyes, hundreds of the flying beasts above me is splitting in half and make rains of gores.

"Let's go." appearing out of nowhere behind me, Shez grab my shoulder and urging me to leave. Again, my jaw dropped as low as it can be from what he just did. Not even others writers guild members looks as strong as this!

Running for a while, people in the town is already hiding away and take shelter, as if things like this is like usual. Nearing the town edge, suddenly there's a roar as another flying beasts is flying above us.


A red dragon is flying above us as the dragon dive down right into our direction. Seeing the outline of the dragon, I know it's not foe but rather it's a friend instead.


Doing a hero kind of landing for a dragon, the dragon destroyed the ground below it when it landed. After that, a woman is jumping out from the back of the dragon while holding a katana as well.

"Hey you guys! Shin and Rein right?" I ask while waving my hand to their direction. Already changed his transformation into that of human, Rein smiled at me while opening wide his arms "Hello again, human! Bask in presence of Rein Dragneel sama!"

Rolling her eyes beside him, Shin walk to where me and Shez is and say "You are the guy who wanted to join the guild? Rein told me about you."

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Nodding my head, I say "Aren't y

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