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"No ability?" asked Sol as she turned her head to Yumi with a confused look on her face "Why does our guest here have no ability? Isn't he also from earth?"

Raising her eyebrows, Yumi replied "Well.. Apparently he isn't an author like us, which is why he has no ability." Placing her hand on her cheek while smiling, Yumi continued "But we can't not help those from earth who need our help right? No matter if they are an author or not."

Silent in contemplation, Sol look at me in silence and then opened her mouth a minute later "Well, what Yumi said is right. As the leader of the guild, I'll accept Yan Houzue as one of us." Smiling, Sol continued "However, he has to finish one of our quests as a test. He needs to be able to explore one town and come back with detailed information."

Blinking, I was about to open my mouth to accept but before I could do it, a shout sounded and interrupted me.

"I refuse!" raising his left hand high into the air, Gome adjusted his glasses and said "This guild is only for Writers! Furthermore…" pointing his index finger to my chest, Gome continued "He has no boobs! At all!" and then pointed his finger to Goldie's chest "I can only accept a member joining if they at least have an E cup like Goldie!"

Drooling a bit, Gome rubbed his hands while facing Goldie and said "Big sis~ you should let me touch those watermelons already~"

Face warped in blatant disgust, papers from all the rooms fly to Goldie, rotating around her.

With a shout, the papers flies straight to Gome like shuriken weapons "Go die!"


"Uaackk!" a pained scream can be heard as Gome tried dodging all of the papers that exploded near him. He succeeded in evading most of them but even a few of the paper bombs could make his neat appearance become pitiful to anyone that saw him now, maybe even give some coins to him.

"Enough, both of you!" shouted Sol as she made half of her body into that of a giant that almost reaches the mansion ceiling!

Her gender currently is…

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"Gome, don't bother Goldie like that.. You should know she doesn't like you so please accept that you are being rejected already, jeez. Go play with your figurines in your room instead." Sol said as she put both her hands on her waist.

Sighing in acceptance, Gome looked at Blow this time and said "Blow… your beauty and boobies had charmed me to the core.. Even though it's only at C cup, would you like to let me massage them?"

Showing another face warped in disgust, Blow replied "Go away, you trash of society!" And with a *Hmpf* Blow walk away to where she came from.

Sighing again, Gome squinted his eyes to my direction and pointed his finger at me "I still won't accept you!" and then ran away.

Did I… just landed in group of weirdos?

Staring at me with a smile, Yumi and tried to calm me down"Don't mind Gome, he always like that with strangers."

Gazing at me, Goldie twirling her hairs with her index right finger and said "Shin went together with Rein right? As I see that Rein is not with you guys right now, they both should be back a week later… Luckily, our friends Dumdum and Tae will be back tomorrow. You will be able to take your test then."

Nodding to Goldie's words, Sol looked at me and said "Well, that's it for now. Me and Yumi will be having a meeting about our recent exploration results so..." Staring back at Goldie, Sol continued "Goldie, would you mind showing our guest his room for tonight?"

"Of course." Said Goldie briefly while giving me a sign to follow her with her finger "This way please."

Nodding, I follow Goldie quietly to the mansion hallway. Waking behind her, I see how her hips swayed in an erotic way. Now I think I understand why Gome would be so fascinated with her…

Or maybe not… He just gives out a confession to another girl the moment h

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