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After getting away from the psycho guy which can turn banana into gun, I try to recall about what he said. The Randomland… this town is called the Randomland… and where's that? I've never heard a town with this name before.

"Free barbecued meats! Free barbecued meats!" a fat middle aged woman is shouting across the street, while waving around the barbecued meats stick in her hand.


My stomach grumbled as hunger appeared out of nowhere. Gulping my saliva, I go to where the middle aged woman be and stand right at front of her stall. Looking above, I saw a big sign of the stall that's written as 'FREE BARBECUED MEATS! LIMITED EDITION' on it and the words was colored as red.

Trying to make my best charming smile, I go to the where middle aged woman be and said "Excuse me, madam. May I get some of those free barbecued meats?"

The woman look at me blankly and then give out of the barbecued meats stick in her hand to me. Gladly accepting the offer, I open my mouth and try to take a bite, but a voice sounded to stop me from eating

"That would be $3000." She said in monotone voice and giving out dead fish eyes to me.

Blinking at the sudden price out of nowhere, I reluctantly put away the meats stick from my mouth and say "But… the sign say it's free.."

Face warped in rage in seconds, the woman screamed at the top of her lungs and that scream is as great the famous lion roar "Help! Someone trying to rob me!"


And then, the quiet street suddenly emerging many crowded people that is walking into me and go to the woman side and ask "What happened here, madam Yu?"

The madam Yu then pointed her index finger on me while giving out the most wronged voice I ever see "He's trying to steal and rob from me! I give him a price and he didn't want to pay!"

What the hell?

Outrageous at the accusations she gave me, I shouted back right at her face "You had been screaming that it's a free food, even your sign is saying those meats are free! Why are you suddenly blaming me?"

The crowds of people is looking at each others and then make their left and right hand going to behind their backs. A second later, each of their left hand is pulling out pitchforks and the right hand is pulling out a torch, then all of them screaming in unison "Kill the criminal! Bring justice to the land of our town!"

What!? "Whyyy?? It's her who suddenly accusing me out of nowhere!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" everyone in there didn't even bother hear my defense and just in the mood for blood. Seeing how they still want to do bad stuffs to me with those pitchforks and torch, I turn my body behind and run immediately.

"Get him!" everyone chasing me back, and we had a marathon for few streets while I'm still shouting and defending myself, even cursing all of their ancestors at the same time when I run.

*Huff, Huff*

Breathing heavily, I succeeded in get lost from them. I collapse to the floor in nowhere road and just t

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