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Winds passing by as we ride in the Rein back and flying to the Writers guild base location. Even though it's so cold in high altitude sky, Rein try to fly in low altitude where our distance with the ground is as high as the thirty floors building.

"So what your guys doing as a guild? What's your guys activities?" I asked, while grabbing tight into Rein scales.

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Staring at me, Sol smiled and say "Well, our guild goal is to get back to earth, of course. And what we had been doing all this time is to explore the Randomland world and find clues at how we will get out from here."

Hearing what Sol said in silence, I'm thinking that the chances to find clues they want probably too small as its like finding needle in haystacks as big as a planet "Have you guys had results after searching for… how long the guild was founded again?"

"I've been in this world for two years." Said Sol as the atmosphere somehow become grim "And I had founded the guild back then a year and half ago."

"As for how much the results we got from our exploration… well, you can only know it if you already become official member in Writers guild." Said Yumi while smiling at me.

Seeing that they have yet to trust me, I swallow back all the questions I've in mind and just stay quiet in the journey. After flying for another ten minutes, we arrived in an abandoned factory near the seashore. Realizing that maybe their place is not as grand as I imagined to be, suddenly the ground right in the entrance of the factory is opened and Rein dive down to there. Flying through the tunnel that's so big to be able to let Rein dragon form going inside.

After going down for a minute, we arrive in an open space that's twice bigger than the football stadium. Jumping off from Rein back, we walk to the manor that's right at the middle of the space while I'm gawking around, looking at how awesome this place is.

"Surprised? I found this one long time ago by chance, and now it's one of the most safe place u can find in this world." Said Sol while raising her head more higher in proud.

"Yes… it's really cool." I said while still shaking my head to right and left to see the whole place around, while Yumi chuckling at my behavior and Rein just catch up to us from his transformation.


Opening the gate in the manor, a girl in green hair and wearing simple white T-shirt is welcoming us with a frown "You guys is late."

Sol wave her hand to dismiss the girl and said "But we did the job. We done exploring that one town now." And then Sol look into me while pointing her index finger to the girl in gate "That one is one of us too, her name is Shin. She can become so annoying at the time but a dependable friend nonetheless."

"Tsk, I'm going out, there's a place I've to explore." Said Shin as she walk pass us while bringing a katana

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