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"Good morning…" I said in tired voice. Touching my right eye, I winced a little at how blue is it after our 'exercise' last night…

Like they say, when girls angry is when hell let loose…

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"Yo…" said Gome as his faces is more black and blue than mine. Poor guy… he got the main course of our exercise…

"Hahaha, you guys are looking great~" said Blow suddenly as she walked into the living room. Wearing white T-shirt that's make her bra outline visible for those who look closely. Umu… what a sight in the morning…

And of course if I can notice it, Gome would be able too, evidently by how he is staring intently at Blow shirt… God, this guy should learn how to fake it at least… it's all over his face…

"You know that your perverted thoughts is all over your face right now?" said Yumi as she walk into the living room as well "You are really hopeless… jeez."

"Don't be too hard with the guy, Yumi" said Sol as she appeared as well from the hallway "But I have to say that Gome sure does his things thoroughly. Having your guys cups list and all, hahaha."

After hearing what Sol said, I shivered a little as I recall how they burn down the list and Gome diary, about his perverted thoughts inside. They beat the guy so hard after that..

"I'm backk!" a loud shout suddenly sounded as a girl with red hairs that's only reaching her shoulder, tattoos in her right thigh and a tiny part of her left cheek, and wearing black T-shirt with big red words 'I love bitches' in the middle of it is walking in to the living room. She's chewing a bubble gum in her mouth as she wearing jeans jacket on top of her black shirt and a really short jeans pants that show off her beautiful smooth thighs…. Umu… I had a little nosebleed.

Eyes quickly staring at me, the girl walk to me and swing down her metal baseball bat right to the table in front of me.


Destroying the entire table, the girl is looking at me in the eyes and say with voice full of threat "Hey, you there. I saw you leering at me, you pervert."

Gulping my saliva from the sudden confrontation, I wave both of my hands in front of me and say "Nope, never. Ma'am."

"Tsk." Clicking her tongue, she goes to where Sol is and say "I've finished my job. I want to rest for a week."

Agreeing to her demand, Sol nod her head and say "Sure, you can rest for a while. But before that, let me introduce you to our guest here." Without waiting her to reply, Sol grab her hand and drag her to my direction and say "This guy here is called as Yan Houzue. From earth too but he's not author of a book like us." And then Sol waver her other hand to the girl she dragged and continue "And this one is Tae. She's n author of a book called The idol's wife. Her ability is to control any metals. Just like that magneto in X-men if you ever watch X-men."

Pulling her hand away from Sol

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