RikuSaito A Dinosaur on Another World
This is a Story of a Man that had been reborn as a Dinosaur on his next life... But not just any Dino, he was reborn as a Indominus Rex! A Hybrid Dinosaur that possessed the DNA of both Tyranosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus, that made this Dinosaue to be one of the most dangerous killing machine existed, whether on land or sea, it'll kill everything as it sees. And he was also on Another...
AsuraMonarch Juubi no Shinju
No plot dimension hopping. I'm the type that never finishes series and shit so I dunno alot or canon stuff for alot of shit.
AvlyDarkz Hands of Fate
Hands Of Fate Fantasy, Action, Adventure, romance, Comedy, magic, Supernatural Meet Stacy a not so simple girl. Who has been living in secret as a friar names Jarret. She was born with this worlds fate because inside her is the ultimate weapon. Join her as she is used by those close to her and chased by the three faction plains of the world above, below and right in her very own back yard. Willing...

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