Iotameru The Dragon’s kin
What would you think if you suddenly woke up in a dark place without a light? What if you found out you are no longer human? When your memories as human slowly fades? What should this little dragon do!?
Hampinator Why Life's a B*tch
I'm a lazy guy and my names Max. This story follows me, a twenty-three year old who's currently living the best time of his life, haha, just kidding, I'm depressed... Let's have a fun time together! This is the reason I'm going to be writing a list about Why Life's a Bitch, Reason 0: Synopses ---------------------------------------------- Will be releasing these chapters on: Tuesdays and...
Dhipo Bayan in Fantasy World
Raka Bayan Wisesa, an orphan who work on the field in a small village found himself in another world. He found out that he is a descendant of an old hero who help this world to fight againts demon invasion. Find out how will Bayan's life in Leviana.
Khansaab Path of the Dual Cultivation
There were some big changes happening in far away immortal worlds where sages, deva, demon and Gods reside and because of those changes earth was also affected in this world there were strange systems that awakens which can be evolved in this world and because of that whole world changed and everyone started to walk towards the new future and after 20 years of development humanity in whole different...

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