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hobisaat > I Might Be A Fake Cultivator > Chapter 2102 - An Insanely Brutal Battle.
Chapter 2102: An Insanely Brutal Battle.

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The Chaotic Death Star was the star with the most potent deathly energy in the entire universe. Just the true intent of death emanating from it reduced its neighboring planets to desolate wastelands that were entirely devoid of life.

It embodied death and also the concept of eternity. It was like a bottomless pit, depriving the surrounding planets of everything they had, and only chaos could exist near it.

As such, the Chaotic Death Star was a manifestation of both chaos and death. It was very much an anomaly even in the scope of the entire universe, and such a terrifying star was falling upon An Lin’s head…

Chaotic power and extremely condensed deathly power crushed An Lin into the ground. This was a planet constructed from the flesh, bones, and carca.s.ses of countless living beings, and An Lin’s entire field of vision was filled with blood and gore.

He could even hear the anguished howls of billions upon billions of living beings and see countless chaotic malicious ghosts tearing at his body, trying to pull him into the void of death with them.

The majority of An Lin’s power was focused on his Dark Dao Particle, so he had barely taken any defensive measures against the oncoming Chaotic Death Star, and the devastating force that was cras.h.i.+ng down upon him almost made him throw up a mouthful of blood.


Powerful chaotic malicious ghosts emerged from the death star one after the other before pouncing toward him. Some of them even managed to tear through his darkness defenses and inflict a few ghastly claw gashes upon his body.

An Lin was in a very sorry state, but he felt like the Heavenly Earth G.o.d was in an even more wretched state.

The majority of the Heavenly Earth G.o.d’s body, from his legs to his chest, had been blasted into oblivion by the Dark Dao Particle. All of those body parts had been completely engulfed into nothingness, and as a result, he was unable to support his own body and fell to the ground.

An Lin could even sense that the power of the death star that was cras.h.i.+ng down upon him had waned significantly. He was definitely not going to squander such a perfect opportunity, and he immediately unleashed a devastating black sword projection that sliced the death star violently in half!

Darkness spread relentlessly from the cross-section of the cut, engulfing the death star into nothingness amid the grief-stricken cries of countless chaotic ghosts.

“A true state of death can only be reached by falling into eternal darkness and nothingness. That was a fitting end for the death star,” An Lin mused with a smile.

He turned his attention to the nearby Heavenly Earth G.o.d.

After falling to the ground following the devastating Dark Dao Particle explosion, the power of the earth was flowing relentlessly into what was left of his body from the entire continent! That meant that the entire Tai Chu Continent was helping the Heavenly Earth G.o.d repair his body!

Only several seconds pa.s.sed before his body reverted back to its original state, upon which he stood up and looked down at An Lin from above.

“Tsk… That’s not a bad hack…” An Lin’s lips twitched imperceptibly.

His absolute confidence had been dented.

He had thought that he would be able to crush the Heavenly Earth G.o.d with ease after progressing to the Dao Integration Stage, but that appeared to not be the case. The Heavenly Earth G.o.d was far more powerful and durable than he had expected.

After getting up from the ground, the Heavenly Earth G.o.d adopted a very serious expression. He was clearly regarding An Lin as a truly worthy adversary.

The star chart s.h.i.+mmered, and a peculiar energy fluctuation emanated from the stars in the sky. The Heavenly Earth was beginning to make use of their vast power! Countless stars fell in a torrential downpour again!


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