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Chapter 1946: Unt.i.tled

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Jun Linyun said, “Look, when we talked about it earlier, Boss Jun said that Feng Wu had disappointed him. He didn’t acknowledge his relations.h.i.+p with her.”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

Jun Linyun said, “So, he denied it. That is to say, Miss Feng Wu is single now. Why can’t I court her?”

Feng Xun clenched his fists.

Boss Jun really was the one to be blamed here. He just wouldn’t give up on his ego and acknowledge her. As a result, Jun Linyun had the wrong impression.

“That’s their relations.h.i.+p! You’re not allowed to like Xiao Wu!”


“Why do you say that?”

“Because she’s my sister!”

Jun Linyun raised his eyebrows. “Hey, future brother-in-law, can I tell you something?”

Feng Xun stared at Jun Linyun. “What future brother-in-law? Shut up already.”

Jun Linyun lowered his voice. “What if… What if she’s the only woman I’ll marry for as long as I live? There will be no concubines, no maids, and no women on the side. Miss Feng Wu will be the only woman I’ll ever have. Will you marry her to me?”


Feng Xun didn’t know what to say. That did sound nice.

Jun Linyun said, “Boss Jun is so popular, and everyone likes him. Zuo Qingluan is on the other end of the world, but Ranmil is right here.”

He then lowered his voice. “Ranmil may look like she’s so pure and indifferent to Boss Jun, but from the way she behaves, she must be jealous of Feng Wu, don’t you think?”

Feng Xun gave it some thought and nodded.

Jun Linyun said, “You see. Wherever Boss Jun goes, trouble follows, and they’re all directed at little Feng Wu. It’s only just the beginning. Imagine doing it for a lifetime.”

Feng Xun didn’t know what to say.

Jun Linyun went on, “But look at me. I can swear to you that Xiao Wu is the only one I’ll ever marry. If I look at another woman, you can chop this off!”

Jun Linyun pointed at his private part.

Feng Xun cleared his throat.

Jun Linyun put up three fingers to make an oath. “I’ll let her take charge of everything, from the property to the household affairs. After she marries me, she’ll be the boss, and I’ll be her subordinate. I’ll do whatever she says.”

Feng Xun bit his lower lip. It just sounded more and more pleasant.

Jun Linyun added, “If Boss Jun ever does something to upset Xiao Wu, do you think you can settle accounts for her? No, you can’t. But you can with me!

“You’ve always pushed me around anyway, and if you want, you can punch me anytime. Brother Feng, you’re more capable than me, and you can discipline me whenever you want. But with Boss Jun…”

Feng Xun stared at Jun Linyun.

Jun Linyun said, “So, future brother-in-law, you’ll help me, right?”

“No, I won’t!” Feng Xun smacked Jun Linyun on the head. “Stop trying to sabotage your brother’s marriage! Do you have a death wish?!”

Rubbing his forehead, Jun Linyun mumbled, “But my brother doesn’t like Xiao Wu.”


Feng Xun threw a dirty look at Jun Linyun. If Boss Jun didn’t like her, he would never have done so many unusual things.

“He just doesn’t show it.” Feng Xun told the truth.

“Feng Xun, Jun Linyun, what are you doing there? We don’t have much time left!” Feng Wu stared at them.

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